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babyyoda , 15 Dec 2021

Can't stop pulling my hair out!!!!

Nothing is working!! I've tried fidgets and bandana s and so many things and nothing worked. I am not pulling a lot at a time but it is noticeable... help!!

2 Answers
Pull McCartney
May 04, 2022

Take up the guitar or piano, just to keep your hands busy.

September 07, 2022

Hey there, 


im in the same boat, I’ve tried fidget toys, having my nails long / short, crystals, wearing hats and bandanas ect ect.. 

recently I bought a bunch of big hair Barrets from the dollar store and put a bunch in to cover the top of my hair. When I go to pull I hit the clips and try and put my hand down.   

hope this helps! 


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