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MarianaCEL , 15 Oct 2021

Help Please , Advice. Should I cut my hair shoulder length so it becomes healthier again?

I started pulling my hair at the start of this year 2021 , Im not sure what happened it just started happening , my hair was so so stunning and so long and it started turing all stringy thin and made me feel so low and sad till this day i felt ashamed and embarrassed i want that beautiful long hair I still had in 2020 and the beging of 2021
If anyone can help with tips of what i can do to stop pulling because its not healthy and i can feel its not at all for my mental health it just keeps worsening with all this pulling makes me sad and depressed.

i have parts of my hair that are not even from pulling my hair is long but theres also part of it which is broken at shoulder length, With cutting it does anyone know if it will better things ? so its regrows healthier

I hope people can help me on here thank you

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