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Debo , 16 Sep 2021

I just noticed my daughter was thinning. How do I help her?

Tonight I noticed my daughters hair was thinning at the top of her head where she parts her hair. So I asked if she was pulling her hair out. She didn’t deny, she was very open and said that it’s a sense of relief and it’s satisfying to her and she just started doing it not long ago. But by the looks of it I think she’s been doing it for a while. She said she pulls strand by strand, so not big chunks or anything like that. It’s definitely getting noticeable. She’s 12 years old. She’s home schooled and loves her games on her computer. Before I noticed she was pulling out her hair I asked her enrol her in a program with other kids her age, she got really upset and almost started crying and was saying she didn’t want to do any extra curricular or anything this year. It all makes sense now. How do I support my daughter. What kind of specialist can help us? I’ve heard of this disorder before but never seen it first hand. Struggling!!

Thank you!

1 Answer
October 12, 2021
Hey there! I am 25 years old from greece and started to pull my eyebrows at the same age as your daughter, 3 years i started to pull my hair too and unfortunately still struggling with it. What home schooled means? She never went to a school with other kids or is temporary cause of the pandemic? Well at the age of 15 my parents sent me to a psychiatrist, i took mostly Xanax and antidepressing pills but never helped to solve the actual problem just made me functional. 3 years ago i started psychoanalysis just to understand that back then my parents were the ones that supposed to go to a specialist and not me. All familys and couples struggle with issues, kids have the tendency to feel guilty about their parents problems, so they punish themselves. Also its a symptom that you can't hide, that's because its a way of communication, it's a way to say at your parents, or teachers or whoever you are closed to that you suffer and please dont push me any more. Isolation in not helping but I've been through depression and its hard to socialize have to enroll her to school and activities...start all of you Therapy and find the causes of trauma and stress, don't forget to remind your daughter that she is beautiful, its hard to be a woman in this world with unhealthy beauty standards without punish your self if you can't reach them. Sometimes i wish when i was teenager that my mother huged me and told me that i am beautiful just the way i am.

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