Almost Pulling

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Almost Pulling

Curious if this is considered trich. At the crown of my head, the hair that grows there is almost a completely different texture than the rest of my hair. There are lots of very course, super thick , crinkly hairs In that section. Additionally the roots in only that section are painful if you are touching the hairs and sometimes the scalp. I am addicted to playing with these hairs, running my nails over the crinkles (in a kind of attempt to smooth them out, which sometimes works but sometimes causes a break) but also feeling the pain at the roots when I’m playing. I don’t actually want to pull the hair out (maybe I do, I’m just scared of hair loss so I don’t) but once in a while one will come out. I really just like examining the hair if it falls out and that’s it. I’m slightly worried this will eventually turn into full on pulling, though I've been doing this on and off for years and it’s not progressed. Lately it’s happening much more, I assume because I’ve dealt with a ton of stressful events recently. I’m mostly worried that all this activity to those hair follicles will eventually cause the hair to fall out on its own sooner than the normal hair cycle and I’ll be left with a bald spot. Any thoughts?