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seanwine , 27 Jun 2021

Help needed for wife and son


My wife (39) has been dealing with Trich since she was 5-6 years old. Wears a wig to this day and has never taken it off in front of me after 12 years of marriage. Her hair pulling is very significant. Just over a week ago I was cutting my son's hair (8-yrs old) and noticed he had a bald spot where the part line is of his hair. When our son was younger (3-5) he was confident and fearless but that has since subsided. He's become more timid and embarrassed over the past couple years. He had been picking at his fingers for the past 6+ months and then I just noticed a bald spot on his part line of his hair two weeks ago. We live in Orange County, CA. Does anyone know any Trich psychologists for kids and adults in the area? I would like to try and get both my wife and son to see someone.



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