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jcsteltenpohl , 15 Apr 2021

General Questions that I would like answered by members of the community

So hi, my name is Jc Steltenpohl, I'm currently a Senior in high school working on a capstone project for my Biomedical Innovations class. I have a lot of problems with pulling out all of the hair in my eyebrows when I get stressed, as well as picking at my skin, rolling it around in my fingers, and just generally being anxious.

I decided to do my project over Trichotillomania, because knowing how the aforementioned has affected me makes me want to help others who have similar or worse experiences with hair pulling.

I'm trying to develop a multistep therapy that will help retrain the focus of your brain when it needs directing away from stressors and triggers that cause hair pulling. I'm doing this by studying brain scans, hormone epicenters, anxiety responses, and triggers themselves.

1.) Do you have any triggers that cause you to pull more hair? If so, please list.

2.) Have you tried any treatment options, if so, please list.

3.) If you said yes to #2, how effective did you find each one?

4.) Do you have an official diagnosis? If yes, how long did it take you to get it?

5.) What do you wish you had access to that you don't currently have access to.

6.) Please list anything else that you want the world to know about trichotillomania and how it affects you. I want my scientific platform to become yours. I want to be able to help spread true information about this.

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