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Twinjas , 07 Apr 2021

Parenting Daughter with Trich

I know there is already a thread for parenting a child with trich, but my question is specific to laundry. My daughters’ (twins) father has trich, his mother has it, her mother had it. I understand what’s happening, and luckily I knew exactly what to do because I helped my ex-husband deal with it.

My specific issue is that my washer and dryer have to be replaced constantly because there is hair everywhere. If I wash her clothes and then wash my own, her hair ends up in my clothes. Her twin refuses to let me do their laundry at the same time because she can’t deal with it.

Is there anything I can do to collect the hair during the wash so that it doesn’t end up everywhere? I mean it’s all over my house...all in her bed...and I feel for her...I do. I know it’s not something she can stop and I know she has no idea she’s pulling, and we’ve tried everything including CBT and Vivitrol (which actually works but she’s non-compliant because she says it makes her tired). I’m thinking she’s 17...tired is standard for a 17 year old...but she prefers bald over tired. In my defense, she’s tired anyway, but never mind adult logic. I even suggested she shave her head when I first found out, because it was important that she know that she is so much more than her hair. At first, she rejected the idea, but a couple of weeks later, she asked if she could do it. We called all her close friends over and they shaved her head. She’s 17 and has had a shaved head for 5 years.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m just irritated right now, and there are more important issues than hair everywhere, but I’m at wits end and I can’t express how I feel about it because it will trigger her. I just bought a third pair of washer/ dryer, and I don’t want to wash her clothes.

I’m sure other parents or people with trich have encountered this. What can I try?

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