I am addicted to pulling my hair

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I am addicted to pulling my hair


The pleasure and relief i get from hair pulling i cant get from anything else. it is almost sexual. It is very instant and gratifying. I pull from 3 specifics spots in the front of my hair, near my forehead. I have had hair thining. Sometimes the skin gets red. I pulled so hard it causes pain but the bigger the pain the bigger the relief. Sometimes when the skin gets red i like to pick it a bit for extra pain/pleasure.

I dont get embarrassed easily but i am very embarassed by my trich, specially since i pull from the front of my hair. I am scared my coworkers will catch me pulling. I have been pulling since i was 15 and i am nearing 40. I think i have been misdiagnosed with GAD when i have OCD. I take 40mg cypralex daily but still have many intrusive thoughts per hour. The only relief i get is from pulling, so i think it is a compulsion. Help! I cant afford therapy right now.