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Lor36 , 11 Feb 2021

Medical condition

Why has everyone diagnosed our condition as mental? I started pulling when I was about 10. My home life was good. I was an A student. No stress, no anxiety. In fact, I thought very well of myself as to becoming a great artist or writer of plays someday which, of course, never came to being. My self esteem has always been good. Even today, as an almost bald old lady, I'm in a good place.

So. What I'm getting at is that I was given all kinds of medications for ocd, etc. which did nothing. However, I look back and see that my pulling got worse and worse thru my 30's but slowed down a bit in my 40's and by the middle of my 50's my compulsion actually stopped.

I personally feel that it was my hormones (female) that caused this condition because of the age it began and ended. I never addressed my feelings before I found this post site. Why hasn't any doctor even given this a thought? Hopefully, you young people out there still have time to explore this possibility.

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