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pineapple , 28 Jan 2021

pubic hairs

This is an embarrassing subject to talk about, but I have been plucking pubic hairs for a while now and it is becoming very obsessive. I try to pick at hairs that have not yet grown through the skin, so I end up leaving a lot of wounds trying to pull them out. I have been avoiding sleeping with my boyfriend for quite some time. It is just too embarrassing, I do not want him to see how much I have picked at my pubic area because it honestly looks terrible. I am feeling very self conscious.

2 Answers
February 07, 2021
Hi pineapple- I know this is super embarrassing but we can talk freely here I hope- I mainly pull my hair but do pull my pubesl hairs now and again- the roots are fewer and seem better somehow..:
February 02, 2022
I have the exact same issue. I spend hours digging out hairs or what look to be hairs that haven’t grown through the surface of the skin yet. My children & fiancée all get concerned about the amount of time I’m in the bathroom…I’m at a stay at home mom right now and they have no idea I sometimes spend 8-10 hours at a time pulling and digging under my skin on the pubic mound, searching to pull out the tiny hairs at the root. That area is very scarred- the scars are craters, jagged indentations, ice pick and rolling scars, as well as red bloodied areas that are newly picked at and sore and burning…I’m in a lot of discomfort right now because of the last few days’ picking…I don’t do it every day- most days I do though. Last week I went all week without doing it and it healed up and looked so much more normal…I didn’t feel the need to hide myself when having sex or sexual contact with my fiancée like I normally do. I usually want to cover up…I know that he must have noticed at times or felt that the skin isn’t smooth.. but he’s never asked except when we first got together he did ask about some scarring I had and I told him that I had picked until I was scarred while I was on methamphetamine (I’m an addict) because it was easier to hide that area. But I pick when I’m sober and this was ten years ago before I knew there was a name for what I put my body & mind through. He’s never asked again and I’m not so sure if he even remembers that conversation. It doesn’t negatively impact our sex life except it does hurt my confidence and ability to be open with him. I’m ashamed and disgusted. I’ve been displaying this behavior since at least age 12 however, and it began first with my brows…I also have scarring in the brow areas from picking and digging out hairs…Ice pick scars in between the brows as well from deep wounding caused by incessant tweezing and digging with tweezers and pulling up scabs to see if any hairs are growing beneath- for some reason that’s a major find I love to pull out (hairs growing inside wounds, under scabs, in scars etc)

I’m not sure when the picking moved on to the pubic area but it’s been over 10 years now…I’m 32 and have spent 20 years struggling with this crap. Ive been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, ptsd but never with trich.

I wonder if I’m ever going to get any better.

I also dig at cuticles, fingernails, toenails.

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