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Jojo5544 , 19 Dec 2020

Hair pulling

I have had a hair pulling problem for over 10 years I tried to read self help articles I would stop for 2 or more months but always fall off the wagon doing it for past two years con and off roller coaster ride now I am typing again cause I went through a bad setback I feel so upset and I failed everyone cause now they are upset with me

1 Answer
December 24, 2020
Hi Jojo 5544, my name is Jenni and i come from germany so forgive me my bad english. Is not my strength.
i had a haor pulling problem since i was 5 years old. Now i am 22 years old. Setbacks are okey. I have had treatment twice and have recently been treated again. It's a big and difficult step, but it's good.
I have had relapses or am constantly fighting against it. Ich versuche meine Finger abzulenken und mich auch. DAs funktioniert oft aber nicht immer. Versuch es auchmal. Do not see the whole thing as a failure or contempt. See that you are otherwise fine and look for ways to hide it if you are embarrassed in public. It is a long process with only minor successes and often major failures. But you are not alone. I didn't know that for years. I thought I was alone with this disease.
Have a nice Christmas Time and smile.

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