Worried lashes wont grow back

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Worried lashes wont grow back

I'm new to this forum and I have not been diagnosed with trich; however, I am sure I suffer from it because it seems to be an issue every few months. my lashes tend to grow back each time but now I am worried they won't this time around. I pulled out the middle of my lashes about a week ago. I know repeated pulling can lead to permanent damage. I guess I want to know what constitutes as 'repeated' pulling because I tend to pull every few months, alternating eyes?

thank you

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I’ve pulled my lashes countless times. I use castor oil for my lashes.
I used to apply just a layer of oil on my lash line and go to bed. I continued doing everyday for awhile and they did grow back.
You can look up Castor Oil.
I hope it will help you too.
Take care! :)

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First I'd like to say that I have had Trich from ages 12-32 on and off and ive had bad spells where I've pulled out both top and bottom lashes completely and i mean not a single hair left or big patches or some here and there. It helps to use some kind of oil or eye lash serum to expedite the regrowth process but what's really helped me has been stress balls to preoccupy my hands and well as keeping my nails trimmed.

They will always grow back but the goal is to eventually stop. I have noticed over the years they have started growing back a little slower but they do grow back to full length (at least for me).

Be strong! It does get better but you have to make a conscious effect to stop.

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I would not worry about your lashes not growing back. I pulled my lashes everyday for about 7 years. Now, I sometimes still got the urge to pull them all out, but that happens only a couple times a year. After I pulled them out, they still grow back and look nice. Try to stop pulling, try and talk about it with someone, keep your hands busy with other things and recognise the moments that you pull and try to avoid those moments. No worries, your lashes will be fine, good luck!

Btw, castor oil is a good tip, and also almond oil helps if you experience pain after pulling.