Worried lashes wont grow back

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Worried lashes wont grow back

I'm new to this forum and I have not been diagnosed with trich; however, I am sure I suffer from it because it seems to be an issue every few months. my lashes tend to grow back each time but now I am worried they won't this time around. I pulled out the middle of my lashes about a week ago. I know repeated pulling can lead to permanent damage. I guess I want to know what constitutes as 'repeated' pulling because I tend to pull every few months, alternating eyes?

thank you

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I’ve pulled my lashes countless times. I use castor oil for my lashes.
I used to apply just a layer of oil on my lash line and go to bed. I continued doing everyday for awhile and they did grow back.
You can look up Castor Oil.
I hope it will help you too.
Take care! :)