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Mysonisthepuller , 23 Jun 2020

My son age 11 Trich

My son has just developed this disorder, he is already diagnosed with severe combined adhd, Tourette’s syndrome , ticks and asd.
He was trying to hide it and for a while we didn’t notice it until we went out to play badminton and a gust of wind blew his hair this was when I realised what he was doing.
Does anyone have any advice on getting him to stop , or any techniques to help him try to slow the hair pulling ??

1 Answer
June 24, 2020
I started pulling at 11 as well. I also have suffered from low iron and food allergies. There are many studies that are showing that ADHD, tourette's, and trichotillomania may be linked to low iron. I believe low dopamine may also be a factor. I know iron levels play a huge role in production of dopamine. It might be beneficial to look into how much nutrients his body is absorbing including amino acids and minerals. (magnesium oil and cbd oil have helped calm my urges along with a liquid iron supplement) I hope he finds comfort and relief soon.

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