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missevangeline.x , 22 Jun 2020

Sufferer of 14 years - happy to help/advise/support anyone


I've had Trich since I was about 12 years old-ish.

I've pulled my hair in certain areas for that many years, it has always grown back, but I've always continued to pull.

I live in the UK, i'm 26, i didn't experience any trauma as a child and think it began when I first had highlights done on my lovely long blonde hair, and I started getting spots/sores on my scalp which I picked and scratched and then as a result decided to pull.

Really happy to talk to anyone about my experiences, my feelings - anything.

You're not alone! :) x

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April 11, 2021
Hi. Would you help my daughter please? shes 14 and shes pulling a year now... i feel helpless....

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