Newbie. Amazed other like me exist.

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Newbie. Amazed other like me exist.

I just found this forum. I am using incognito tab so hubby doesn't see it.
I still do this. Right down to eating the follicles. I also compulsively eat my nails. They look terrible. The saddest part is that I have been doing this for well over 40 years. I am 55. I go through periods where I stop and then I start again. It is always the same area. I am on Adderall now and because I am so busy with work and finding other things to do, I stopped. (for now) The hair has grown back but I have a huge gray spot where the bald spot used to be.
And yes, I most enjoy finding the course hair and pulling it out carefully to get the biggest possible bulb. Then I like the feel of the cold root by rubbing it on my face and ultimately eating it. This calms me and gives me a great sensation of satisfaction.
When I was younger, My mother caught me doing this and commented that my grandmother also did this her whole life. But no one ever saw me put it in my mouth. That was always private, and when no one was looking.
This is the first time that I could publicly admit it.