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Lucy28 , 18 May 2020

New to site and want to talk to others with trich


I have just joined the site today as I am at my witts end with this disorder! I am 28 and have been pulling for a bout 10 years but it’s really worsened in the last couple of years.

I definitely pull more when feeling anxious and my hair loss itself is now making me feel anxious and depressed a little.

I have noticed a lot of bald spots now and I pull so much that my hair is starting to break away so underneath there is nothing left really.

I don’t really talk about it as I don’t think people fully understand and when I do people tend to look at me quite funny and just brush it off as if I’m weird or something.

With lockdown now happening I have even more time to pull so it’s getting worse all the time and I’m embarrassed of how my hair looks.

That felt really good to get off my chest. Any one with any advice/thoughts please reply.

Thank you :-)

9 Answers
May 24, 2020
Hi Lucy

I am 27 years old and I have been picking my eyebrows and eyelashes out since I was 10.

I get bad anxiety too which makes it worse and leads to a bad pulling episode.

My advise would be wear plasters. I used to wear plaster all day and night to stop me pulling and this did help. I eventually got back into the habit and pulled them all out again. It’s been a viscous circle for me that I just can’t seem to break!

It’s makes me feel so ugly and depressed 24/7. It would be great to have someone I can talk to about trich as my friends and family do not understand! Xx
May 29, 2020
Hi Lucy,

I’m new here too. I feel like I have a hard time finding anyone I can relate to when it comes to pulling. Most people really just can’t understand what you are going through. So far, what has worked for me is wearing scarves. Working from home means so much more time spent with free hands. Scarves have created a safe barrier for me. I wish I could offer you more insight but I’ve been going down the same road and have no been able to quit. It’s amazing that this community exists, because I finally don’t feel quite so alone. I hope this makes you feel a little less alone too :)
June 08, 2020
Right with you guys! Same cycle for me has been happening for about 10 years. Eyelashes and brows are my go to. I'm trying not to give up hope, but it's really challenging when nothing has changed in 10 years. It makes me feel weak that I can't stop. I know that there's way more to it than willpower, but I still feel like a failure. I spend so much time trying to hide it and fear that someone will ask why I'm missing so much hair. It's hard and embarrassing to talk to anyone about it. Nice to know I'm not alone :)
June 30, 2020

September 27, 2020
Hi everyone,
I am looking for participants for my research project about body focused repetetive behaviour like hair plucking, nail biting, eye fishing. It will be a one of interview to talk about the history of this behaviour, how it effects your day to day life, your feelings around having this behaviour. Interview will be audio recorded only. Everything will be confidential, you don't have to give your name and your details will not be shared with anyone. I will appreciate if you can take part to help my research. Many thanks
October 13, 2020
Hallo Lucy,

Mir hilft es immer wenn ich versuche eine Routine zu behalten. Du könntest dir einen Wochenplan erstellen in dem du dir jeden Tag planst. Außerdem trage ich immer ein Tuch um meine Haare, weil man dann nicht so leicht daran kommt. Ich hoffe das konnte dir irgendwie helfen.

deine Inka
February 09, 2021
Hey everyone,

I am also new to the cite. I have been pulling for 17 years (and I'm only 24) and this is the first time in my life that I've ever tried to stop pulling. I pull all over but my main go to is my scalp. I have always been able to manage it with very little damage and then I started law school and now have half a head of hair. What helps me is to wet my hair, braid it, and then tuck it all underneath a toboggan that I wear all day long. It helps me keep from pulling at the front of my hair. I may still pull at the back of my head, but you've got to start somewhere. When it gets warm, I plan to use head bands or hats. I hope that helps some.

I'm sorry you feel people don't understand you, I am fortunate to come from a supportive family which makes it easier for me to brush it off, but there are times I am deeply saddened and upset with myself. I feel trich is something you just have to own. Being embarrassed just makes it worse. The first step to healing starts with yourself, so love yourself, keep your head up, and embrace this horrible disorder. You will conquer it!
August 22, 2021
I have had trich for over a decade. I have just found a cure that has saved me. It tackles the root reason why all of us pull - as many of you mentioned above - negative emotions. I truly believe I can help all of you
October 12, 2021
Hey there! I am new here so it's nice to see that there is a community to adress to.
I am 24 and struggle with hair pulling and depression since i was 12.
The tips of using plasters and wet your hair seems cool i ll try it, thanks! After many years of therapy and antidepressing pills i finally started psychoanalysis, its been three years and it have helped me a lot. Its very hard and doesn't give you smart tricks but helps you find the trauma and the cause of all this self destructive behaviour. Personally i find a relief through pain, a pleasure even though after my anxious and depression get worse.. knowing these mechanisms and your deeper truth and finally deal with trauma will help you get over it.
Also its nice to be in a community where you feel acceptance, its hard to be a woman or deal with gender in general, unhealthy beauty standards and toxic behaviour in our life don't help at all.
I really wish to all of us to feel happy and beautiful one day.

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