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karebear , 23 Apr 2020

Symptoms worse due to quarantine/COVID?

Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone else's Trich symptoms have worsened due to anxiety in relation to the COVID-19 crisis and/or being in quarantine. I know mine has gone off the charts, and was just looking to see how you guys are managing your symptoms. Glad to have found this!

3 Answers
April 24, 2020
Use this tips given in this blog :
April 26, 2020
Hi I am new to trich stop and to forum tonight... I agree my pulling has worsened...maybe from isolation maybe from increased awareness.... tried a few tactics to keep my fingers busy when I am relaxing/watching tv in the evening when pulling at its worse.. just picked up knitting again...that and wearing a cotton headscarf tends to help...but then when not doing those things its bad...will look up the 15 best tips in a mo many thanks. nice to know I am not the only person doing this. it is not an easy thing to be open and discuss.
May 01, 2020
I too have been suffering from this disorder from past fifteen years or so. Recently I had a revelation that is helping me change my perspective and get over trichotillomania. Please check this out article and let me know if it helps you -

Good luck!

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