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phdstudent , 20 Apr 2020

Just joined to ask if this sounds like trichotillomania

Hello. I'm 28 and have diagnoses of OCD and ASD from almost 10 years ago. I haven't seen a professional to specifically seek help for this as it doesn't really cause me problems - other than I have half an eyebrow. For the past 5? or so years (cant remember when I first noticed it) I rip out my eyebrow hairs when I'm stressed with my academic work and trying to focus on reading or writing something, or listening in a lecture - anything where I need to really concentrate. I do one side more than the other. I always go for my right eyebrow. When I've had big ripping session I have half an eyebrow left and it looks like I've shaved it off. I often don't realise I'm doing it.
I'm just wondering if this sounds like the trichotillomania disorder, and if it's common for people with OCD to also have this.

2 Answers
May 01, 2020

Yes this is definitely trichotillomania :-( I too have been suffering from this disorder from past fifteen years or so.
Recently I had a revelation that is helping me change my perspective and get over trichotillomania. Please check this out article and let me know if it helps you -

Good luck!

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