Daughter copying my pulling

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Daughter copying my pulling


I have had Trichotillomania for 15 years it started with my eyelashes I would pull them out and make a wish hoping for things to get better it then moved onto my eyebrows too. I now have no hair on my eyebrows or eyelashes at all. I hate it when people ask me why I have no hair on my eyebrows or why I wear false eyelashes. I have always wanted to stop and longed for my own eyelashes and eyebrows but as soon as hair starts growing I have to pull it out and I can’t control the urge for the life in me. Recently my daughter has started to pull her eyebrow hair after seeing me do it. She’s such a beautiful little girl I don’t want her ending up like me. Any advice on how I can stop pulling? And how do I stop her before it’s too late?


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I have noticed my son trying to twirl his hair and would love for some advice also.