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Nat , 06 Feb 2020

New to this...


I am 20 years old and have been been suffering with extreme stress in all aspects of my life it seems, work, home life, relationships etc. I had a bad episode and realized only a few weeks after this episode that I had been pulling hair at the back of my head whilst feeling a bit under pressure or stressed, even sometimes by now its when I am doing mundane tasks or not much at all out of habit. I only catch myself doing it after pulling out a good few strands of my hair and sometimes am unable to stop even though I am consciously aware that I am doing it and I cannot explain why.

I wasn't too worried about it (ignorance is bliss) until yesterday when I felt and saw the back of hair thinning and decided this is probably something I should find more about and thats when I discovered Trichotillomania. I know barely anything about it and even undermining if what I am doing is serious enough to be classified as this.

I dont really know the purpose of this message, but am sort of hoping somebody may have some advice on what my next steps should be in sorting out this problem I cant seem to kick on my own.

Thanks in advance for any response to this!

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