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Kyla , 01 Feb 2020

New Member need help

Hey all,

I am new to this forum and wanting to get my trich under control. It started when I was in grade 7. I pulled out every single eyelash (no exaggeration) and then moved on to my eyebrows (pulled out half or each). I am now 22 and still have this problem to this date. I'm super embarrassed by it and tired of having to cover myself up by penciling in my eyebrows and adding heavy eyeliner to replace my lashes. I have never seeked help for this before and don't know where to start.

Wondering if anyone has some good advice or treatment options. Currently, I am most concerned about if my eyelashes can even grow back from being repeatedly pulled. I'm getting mixed answers online. It's hard to tell if they'll grow back because each time they do, I pull them out again. I currently cannot get past my eyes being a quarter full (thats really good for me). What kind of things can I do to promote lash growth?

2 Answers
March 23, 2020
I've heard of people rubbing oil on their eyelashes so that they are slick when you go to pull on them. I have also noticed that I tend to pull on my eyelashes more when I wear mascara, so I quit wearing mascara. Hope that helps! :)
May 01, 2020
I too have been suffering from this disorder from past fifteen years or so. I used to pull out my scalp hair. I tried to find a solution to this and ended up doing some hypnosis on myself. I had a kind of a revelation that is helping me change my perspective and get over trichotillomania. I don't even feel like putting my hands into my hair anymore (and in a good sense). I tried to write my experience and share it. I have been posting this on forums to check if this can work for others too.

Please check this out article and let me know if it helps you -

Good luck!

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