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Rapunzel , 18 Jan 2020

Searching for Trichologist Advice

Hey, I'm totally new here. This is my first time seeking professional help, and I've been pulling for years!
I'm looking for recommendations for a trichologist. I live in Pennsylvania, but am willing to travel to see the best. Google searches have repeatedly mentioned Lisa Akbari in Tennessee, and Thomas Kingsley in New York. However, finding reliable information about any trichologist has proven challenging. So I thought I'd ask for advice from people who know about what I'm going through.
Should I be seeing a dermatologist or a trichologist? Would a dermatologist have as much knowledge as a trichologist about my problem? Does anyone here have experience with either, and what was it like? Any personal recommendations? Any advice in this area?
Thanks in advance.

2 Answers
May 17, 2020
Hi my name is Annette, I’ve been pulling my hair for over 30 years . I’m new on this website and I need help I’m so ashamed and I just glad I came to express myself. thank you hope I get feed back
September 15, 2020
I'm sorry that you had no response then.
Talking about my personal experience, dermatologist are not qualified enough (it's an euphemism) for trichotillomia. I saw 5 different ones and when I talked about my pain, they alternately diagnosed psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis, which was not the case at all.
Except if you come to see your dermatologist with a precise idea of the treatment that you want, it will be pretty useless.
Saying this, seeing dermatos made me understand that my condition was only about my hair follicle and not at all about my scalp skin.

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