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jloridzialka , 05 Jan 2020

Theory that’s working

I have researched this for 40 years and tried literally every trick and therapy out there. Over the last two years I’ve been testing a theory that trich is as much tied to skin irritation/sensitivity as anything else. Switching to oils for lotion (Coconut, grape seed, avocado/sunflower- all available in supermarkets) helped immensely but I still had to keep my hair too short to pull (1/2 inch long) because the impulse was still constantly there. Hair care products were still irritating my scalp, even though I was trying to get very pure, sensitive ones. Discovered custom shampoo online and it is not an exaggeration to say that my quality of life has exponentially improved. In the absence of the constant irritation, I realize how much I was enduring. Trying to focus with that much distraction is impossible. No wonder my hands always wanted to tear out my hair to make it stop! My hair is now longer- my rule is that if I find myself pulling I shave it off to avoid patches- but I haven’t been pulling. For the first time in 40 years. I am not even thinking about it. Conclusion: looking into skin irritation is worth a try. My brand for custom hair care is Prose. This is not a commercial- I get no reward for sharing that. You may want to try another brand, but they cater to your goals, including stimulating growth, and there is a hair mask that is miraculous at soothing irritation. Worth a try- it is the only lasting solution I have ever found.

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