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Sarah2 , 14 Dec 2019

Hair plucking - New to forum

Hi all. Totally new to this and have never joined a forum before so feeling a little anxious but felt its time to face my hair plucking demon and seek advice from others that may be going through the same.
I haven’t been officially diagnosed but after reading up about Trichotillomania I have very similar habits.
I am yet to see a GP as avoiding this like the plague.

So my issue is I am addicted to plucking my hair line, this has been going on for years and has now gotten to the point where I make my skin so sore it scabs or bleeds but I won’t stop until I have the hair from the root. It’s a massive urge that I can’t control. I do this every morning (as I’m embarrassed of the stubble people may notice) as it’s so blatantly on my forehead. I also do it in the evenings incase I’ve missed any bits.

I have managed to touch the actual hairs on my scalp but only focus on the hairs close to my face hairline (if that makes sense) I am beyond embarrassed about it as people have started to point out the sore skin on my forehead. Makeup doesn’t cover it. I’ve now cut a fringe in to try and disguise it but that hasn’t helped as I still need to pluck.

Any suggestions would be amazing.

Thanks for much xxx

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