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Amazonia , 14 Dec 2019

Stopped pulling after 17 years

Today marks 5 weeks since I stopped pulling my hair after 17 years. I started in my mid teenage years and pulled continuously without so much as a 2 days break. I had tried EVERY method conceivable before: CBT, hypnosis, meditation including lengthy retreats, therapy & counselling, physical barriers such as gloves and squishy toys to play with while watching TV, Keen vibrating bracelet, change of diet and lifestyle, covering up the mirrors including hotel rooms, support groups, you name it. With all due respect to all the amazing therapists out there, conventional therapy DOESN'T WORK. I had almost given up hope and thought I'd just need to learn to live with it. Then - as a last resort - I booked a flight to South America and attended an Ayahuasca session. What happened that night in the Amazon jungle is hard to explain with words but the bottom line is - I haven't pulled a single hair since. I swear hair :) I still can hardly believe it. There may be no magic solution to trichotillomania but let me tell you this plant medicine has been the next best thing to magic in my case. I'm happy to share my experience in more detail on private if you email me at In any case, if you're reading this and you're close to losing hope as I was just over 5 weeks ago, please know it IS possible to stop pulling. I see you, I hear you, and I wish you all the persistence and strength in your fight.

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