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nex179 , 05 Dec 2019

lil girl w no lashes

when i was a small girl i always got compliments from many people saying that my lashes and brows are beautiful beause they were thick and long, and i loved them but i wanted my lashes to be curled and not straight as they were, so at 13,14 i started curling them and then my trich came, first it started by picking up mascara from my lashes and then to pulling, now im 18 and i still struggle, and i think this is the worst phase ever because in last 3 months i cant remember a day when i didnt do my eyeliner to fill in holes in my lashes, even though my botom lashes are 2x bigger.
my friends know and they keep asking me why i do that beause they remember how they looked, but i cant explain it.
but last week i went to my school psychologist and talked to her about problem, she told me to write my thoughts and emotions before, during and after pulling, then today we discussed it and i learned that most common are stresfull situations and what suprised me relaxing situations, i realised that my relax to the stress is pulling and that is something that takes out bad energy from me, but also it causes pain beauce i am losing my confidence. i believe i can beat this, and i think only about the feeling i will have when i look at mirror and see the same girl i was with beautiful lashes, i also tend to write a lot about my feelings and emotions and try not to keep them inside me, and i hope i will do it. does anyone have ANOTHER ADVICE for me?? thanks a lot :)

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