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Ninjago , 19 Nov 2019


Does antbody know if trich can run in the family I've had trich since I was 9/10 only recently told my doctor (just thought i was a bit of a freak) i have a 9 year old boy now and can't help but notice he's always at his hair never seen him pulling but worried he will start, many thanks

4 Answers
January 04, 2020
I’ve wondered the same thing. I’ve noticed my 9 year old pulling her hair occasionally when she’s upset or stressed. She never did this until she observed me doing it. I try to hide it but have no control at times and just all out have a pull fest in front of her. She’s expressed in the past that it scared her because she knows it must hurt. Then I guess she tried it one day and I explained it’s not good that I pull and I didn’t want her to think that she should pull vs communicating her feelings. She said it feels good though. I think it went from observation, to repulsion, to being curious and trying it, and then liking it.

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