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Baxshelldarcman , 05 Nov 2019

Eyelash pulling

I have been pulling my eyelashes for 21 years. My twin sister also used to pull, but thankfully she stopped about 10 years ago. I have been in therapy since high school and tried hypnosis and medication; most recently naltrexone. Still can’t really tell how my sister and I started pulling in our early teens. Several times a year it gets bad where I have very few lashes and my family notice it. I don’t know how to wear the fake lashes and I have very few lashes so in the past the glue and lashes fall in my eye. Very embarrassing. And I have low self esteem partly from having trich. Looking for any suggestions on newer methods or products. Has anyone tried the magnetic eye liner and lashes? Has anyone tried the habit ware wrist band? Thank you for any insight or suggestions you may have.

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