I can’t stop pulling

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I can’t stop pulling

I have literally had this problem for 12 years. It’s really getting my confidence now because I tell myself “right I need to stop, I actually want to look pretty” and I still can’t convince myself. It sends my anxiety through the roof when I have fake lashes on and people say “why do you wear them all the time” I don’t want to talk about pulling my lashes out so I try and change the subject. I feel ashamed and so low. I just want to stop

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you have to try and think of all emotions and thoughts you feel before, during and after pulling, best way to do that is to write them after it happens, after few days of writing try to figure out what are the most frequent situations when pulling happens and what kind of emotions you feel while before and after pulling the hair, for me it almost always happens in stressful situations but sometimes it happens unconsciously, pulling is some kind of relaxing for most people and you can try and find another way you can cope with stress and all the emotions, as for confidence everything will be okay, maybe now you dont feel your best but just think about how you will feel when you beat this, let that emotion be there and constant reminder that you can do this