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Baldscott , 23 Oct 2019

To cut or not to cut

Off my hair? I’m pulling and pulling like mad these days and I have longish hair but I’m not the type to do anything beyond tie it up. I have two areas on each side of my head that have begun to grow back all WHITE. It’s hat weather basically. I hate having this take over my life like this. I chew my fingernails and skin around them too. I constantly say I need to stop this and make life changes, but I swear I can’t and I don’t know why. Having this SUCKS!!! Anyone take meds that help this!

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January 26, 2020
I've shaved my head a few times in an effort to stop and because i just hated how thin it was getting. It didn't stop the urges though... i started pulling the hairs on my arms which is harder to do but yea... if it helps you go for it! I love the feeling of freedom having a shaved head gives.
February 05, 2020

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I definitely can understand pulling hair from arms is very hurtful however that pain is also sweet as it makes us feel relief. Its kind of a drug that we all are addicted to which and hence we cant stop. Worst part its we get bald from many places of the body. I started off from eye lids to eyebrows then to arms and from there i am on my beard now. Worst part is I also developed eating my hair. I tried searching a lot online but no satisfactory result.

However i found one thing that it was all bcuz of anxiety and mental disorder, and best way to settle ourself is CBD products which i tried and i can say its a wonderful product. Ace Wellness is from where i purchased the product and it just not lets me keep my cool but also makes me feel relaxed. They also use FDA Approved hemp plant (i wouldnt want any illegal stuff). I purchased cbd oil tinctures from them and also vape pen as i have an habit of smoking and i want to quit too.

I have not completely got away from pulling hair but its has drastically brought down the percentage of it and i am happy about it.

Their Website is
Company name : Ace Wellness

February 05, 2020
Start using CBD products like CBD Oil or CBD Softgels. THE BEST CBD PRODUCT CAN BE FOUND from ACE Wellness @

Trichotillomania fall under a psychiatric diagnosis bunched together with Impulse Control Disorders (along with pathological gambling, kleptomania and pyromania). For many patients it is associated with significant depression, anxiety and social phobias. Many times it presents in childhood but for many patients it presents in adulthood. Children commonly outgrow it but adults have difficulty and it can persist for many years if not for a lifetime.

The first to examine a cannabinoid agonist in the treatment of trichotillomania, found that dronabinol demonstrated statistically significant reductions in trichotillomania symptoms, in the absence of negative cognitive effects. Pharmacological modulation of the cannabinoid system may prove useful in controlling a range of compulsive behaviors.

Patients explain that CBD relaxes them, reduces their anxiety and reduces their urge to pull their hair out. They still struggle but their symptoms are largely reduced to the point where they see hair growth. They also feel less social anxiety and feel more comfortable in public.

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