Texture of hair regrowth

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Texture of hair regrowth

My worst trigger is touching corse, thick, bad texture hair. I find one, I pull it.
The problem is that all those corse, tick hairs are mostly short regrowth hair from past pulling. My regrown hair come out fuzzy, corse, twisted etc..... so it is nearly impossible to control my urge to pull them.
My question is the following. Will all my pulled out hair regrow that terrible texture? Did any of you have beautiful hair after regrowth? Or is this a never ending vicious circle?

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I would also like for someone to answer as I am having the same problem. My hair is turning grey (my Moms hair is platinum white) and now those hairs are very coarse and brittle. I dye and perm my hair so it is already taking a beating.

Those hairs seem to be the only ones that I target. It is not so much me pulling on them versus running my fingers over the texture and they snap off after repeated tugs. So now I have 2 inch long hairs sticking straight up. So I use hairspray in them to slick them down which causes my scalp to itch. Vicious circle. Not that it matters how they come out but the damage is there regardless.

Not only is my body betraying me with aging and menopause my whole being seems to be under assault right now. Eyesight, flappy underarms, cellulite, dark under eye circles, varicose veins, old lady hands. You name it. My body has quit this bit*h!

I have been under a lot of stress, worse than ever before. And I was under an insane amount of stress before the pandemic and recent body change issues. And I won't even get started about work..

Sorry to ramble. It feels good to let it out.

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I have this issue which is a reason that I came here. I also have thick, coarse & very dark brown (natural hair is medium brown) & sometimes straight black hairs. Only in the areas I've pulled before. I first started pulling hair in 1st grade. I pulled out all of my lashes. My first grade group picture is me without my lashes. My mom asked me to stop doing it & I actually did for a long time. Fast forward to 3 years ago at age 33. I was in the hospital for a month & a half. I ended up with a heart valve replacement...at 33! I was so anxious & I believe that because of that anxiety I began pulling again, this time with my long, healthy, never been treated or dyed hair. I ended up stopping & I think it was my Zoloft that helped. But here & there I would still pick & I noticed the very dark, course hairs that grew back from the first time. I started to only pull those hairs. I was doing well. I had covered up my hair before that to let it grow back & I finally got a haircut. My hair is mostly healthy now & past my shoulders but I have started to pull again & have done so everyday for about two weeks now. Everyday. Only a few here & there but it's always the course dark hairs...huge trigger when I'm in that state of mind & do my pulling. I'm seriously afraid that it will get bad again. But yeah...just wanted to tell you that I relate bog time. I wasn't aware that other people have this same thing going on so thank you for sharing. I'm not sure exactly why the hair at times grows back that way but it triggers me & wanted to let you know that you're not the only one!

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I'm new to the forum. I have pulled for years and am now left with a bald patch towards back of my head.
Like all of you, it is the re growth hair I am now pulling as its coarse and has a rough texture. Also the regrowth is grey so that's a trigger too as I find myself looking for grey hairs.
I've no idea if my hair will grow back but I really want to work on techniques not to pull.