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Hogwartsismyhome , 08 Dec 2014

It's so frustrating

My name is lora and I'm new. I'm 17 and had trich since middle school. Right now I think it's the worst it's been. I practically pluck out all of my left eyebrow and half of my right. I hate the feeling when I'm about to pluck and I feel all tense and while I'm doing it I know I need to stop but I can't. I especially hate it when my brows are fully grown and i end up bald again like all that for nothing ughhh. If any of you have tried something that worked and effective for you to stop plucking I would love to hear it thanks.

4 Answers
January 03, 2015
Really informative article post.Thanks Again. Really Cool.
February 03, 2015
Hiya, I usually pull from my head but when I go through good phases it tends to shift to my eyebrows. I put vaseline on my fingers and eyebrows,also make sure there are no tweezers nearby.Even ask someone else to hide them if you are open about trich x
February 21, 2015
Have you tried to wear gloves? Maybe if you changed the texture on your finger tips with bandaids it would help to stop some of the pulling. I've tried crochet and it helped keep my hands busy. I'm made quite a few scarves in the process. I know these techniques you've heard of, but sometimes it helps to hear things over and over again. Just try and try again and don't give up. You deserve to be happy. Say that out loud and believe it.
March 15, 2015
One thing that I've seen that a lot of people find useful is fidget toys. If you are fiddling with something you can't pull right?
Here are some that I know people find very useful: (the tangles are the ones I've heard the best reviews of)
Or you can make your own:
Hexaflexagons (I really like these, but then again these are the only ones I've actually tried myself)
The video for this one is only really a demonstration of how to use one and the history of them but if you google "hexaflexagon template" there are plenty of sites with templates on, some are blank, some are coloured, some have cool patterns on, whatever takes your fancy. I like having a pretty small one in my pocket that I can flip with one hand in lessons. Plus because its paper, if it gets damaged or lost or anything it's pretty easy to make a new one!

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