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Ashleberry22 , 04 Sep 2019

Advice for a College Student

Hi everyone! I have been pulling my hair for about a year and a half now. My boyfriend is concerned and wants me to stop and so do I. I would like to avoid therapy if possible, because I don't have much time in between classes and homework. I also do not have much money, so I would like to stop pulling naturally by myself. I have very thin, straight, long blonde hair and front bangs. I started pulling when I noticed short, dark, curly hairs on my head. I think this has some association to the fact that my mother and aunt said their hair used to be like mine until they graduated from high school. Both hers and my aunts hair is brown, thick and curly now. Ever since then it has gotten worse. I usually wear my hair in a low ponytail or bun during the day and take it out in the evening when I am doing my homework. I used to pull near the crown of my head and along my neck. Now, I have pulled all along my middle part, my front hairline and my bangs. It used to be long pieces that I would pull, but now its the short ones that are growing back in. They stick up all over the place and my bangs look super weird cuz they were already thin in the first place. Its easy to see where I pull because my hair is so thin and light. I notice that I pull in my room or whenever I know I am alone. I never pull around my family or in public. My main triggers I think are boredom because I tend to just zone out and do it automatically while watching a show or something, and stress because pulling my bangs started when I was writing a paper last minute. My stress isn't too bad and I have been trying to get it under control. My motivation to do homework is very low though and sitting there trying to finish it makes me pull even more. I really want to stop because my family and bf are worried. It embarrasses me to go into class with my spiky hair all the time, but I just don't know how to stop. I have tried to wear a hood or hat to stop my pulling, but I always find a way around it. Any advice that you have would be appreciated. I would be glad to clear things up or provide more information if needed as well.

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