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MACKDOG , 26 Aug 2019

will it help if I cut my hair short

I am sad that my pulling has hit full force, the worst in 50 years. My hair is long but I now have 2 large bald spots at my ears and can't pull my hair back. Has anyone pulled less once they cut long hair?

1 Answer
November 14, 2019
It has far from fixed the issue, but the best results I have ever gotten came when I shaved my head. Unfortunately, it was not long before I relapsed. You absolutely have to keep up with shaving and be committed to having no hair for a long while. The only way it was able to work was by physically getting rid of hair to pull. I would also recommend getting long acrylic nails -- very effective in making hair pulling more difficult. Finally, get rid of all tweezers, they only cause temptation. These are the steps I had to take to get any results, but I still pull to this day and I developed quite a problem with skin picking on my scalp. Ugh.

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