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c0bella , 16 Aug 2019

Scalp scabs & is the bump related to trich?

So I have a collection of small scabs of two parts of the back of my scalp but on one side where they are there is also a bump about the size of a penny and it’s quite solid and sore to press. I’m debating to make a doctors appointment about it.
But I was wondering if I try to ease off pulling in that area it might go away alongside the scabs because these two particular areas are where I have been attacking the most recently.
My reason for thinking this is because when I pull from the sides of my head above the ears and toward the hairline, I get a bump come up from all the pulling activity. And then I leave that part alone and the bump goes away.

I’d appreciate any input from everyone

1 Answer
August 18, 2019
Go to a doctor for sure and try several. I did three times, and one was unhelpful and almost confused. but the other two actually knew about the disorder and examined it + gave me tips and tricks

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