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kbutta15 , 11 Aug 2019

Help for Hair Pullers

Hello everyone, I have been a facial hair and head hair puller for 20 years now, (started in 3rd grade, and am 28 years old now). I have tried many things from countless amounts of therapy to many medications, you name it, I've tried it. I just wanted to reach out as I know some of you are looking for solutions. I have to mention though, that these solutions will ONLY work if you are in the right mindset to really stop. Of course all of us that experience Trichotillomania want to stop, but what I mean by right mindset is that you are 100% motivated to be done with this destructive habit, and have the determination to take control. My solutions may not work for everyone, but if I can provide any sort of help for people that are going through what I am going through, I am more than happy to share.

There is this bracelet called Keen. It make it possible to train the behavior that your are doing, (hair pulling, skin picking, nail biting), and allows you to not only make you more aware of the behavior, but also lets you track it so that you can see your trends like what time during the day you are pulling most. This has been helpful as many times I am not even aware that I am pulling. It will vibrate on my wrist when I do the movement, which will make me aware, and then I can track it.

For my eyebrows, I have done microblading about 4 times now. After receiving the microblading, you are not allowed to touch your eyebrows, (due to chance of infection, or pulling the dye out, etc). Since this process is very expensive, I was determined not to make my money go to waste, and forced myself to not touch my eyebrows. After about 5 months now, I have not thought once about my eyebrows and have not pulled. Like I said previously, this may not work for some, however I have had no eyebrows or eyelashes for all 20 years now and this was the first time I was able to completely stop pulling my eyebrows.

For my hair pulling, I normally tend to pull on the back of my head. If you live in the Tri-State area, (or want to take the drive anyway), there is a center called The Hair For Life Center, which specializes in people with Trichotillomania. They use an interlocking hair process and can restore a whole head of hair to look completely natural and wonderful, (even for the worst conditions). Their interlocking process also includes this type of net that goes into your hair which makes it very difficult to pull. I have gotten this process done and can say that not only does it look great, but because of the netting I am unable to pull in that area. The women there have also said that many of their clients have stopped pulling their hair because they have been unable to access their pulling area. Please note, I am NOT guaranteeing that this will definitely stop your pulling (as you may have the urge to pull elsewhere), however it seems like a great solution if you are really looking to stop. It also is a wonderful solution if your hair is pulled really bad and you are looking to not have to cover up anymore. It is a bit pricey, but if you are certainly committed to stopping, this might be the route for you. Another motivation with this process, is that since it is again, pretty expensive, I did not want to waste my money and have made myself stop. They offer free consultations as well, so you can see their process and their case studies. Their number is 201-731-3530 and their website is If you end up going, ask for Stacy (who is absolutely great!!!), and let them know that Volleyball Kim B. sent you!!

Hopefully all this helps! Thanks!

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