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Hello there, I have been trying to find a post that matches my criteria but no luck. I have been pulling for around five years, I do want to stop before it progresses any further. The one area where I have been pulling right now for a year on the back of my head has been sore and it gets frustrating because of the short hair that stick up. I'm on a recovery process but I am still pulling minimal some nights. I have thick hair so whenever I wake up out of bed I have to brush down the layers. It may have to do with the frizziness, whenever it tries growing back I experience discomfort, going through the feeling of the hairs that are unperfect with tons of split ends are always tempting to pull out. The advice I want is how I can possibly speed up the growth process and to remove the stiffness in my hair? I also suffer from dry skin, so that effects my scalp. Much appreciated.