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Abirds1 , 26 Jun 2019

6 year old daughter has been pulling hair and sucking thumb since 1 year old

My 6 year old daughter has been sucking her thumb and pulling her hair since she was 1 year old. I have been dealing with the frustration and helplessness of having a child with trich. I started taking her to pediatric occupational therapy when she was three years old. The therapist worked with her for a year (we had to pay out of pocket, not covered under our insurance policy) and I was made aware of some sensory issues my daughter has, although not full-blown Sensory Processing Disorder. Her thumb-sucking and hairpulling was never resolved. We had an appliance put in her mouth about two years ago to help deter her from thumb sucking (this always accompanies the hair pulling) and it did not stop her. We are keeping the appliance in her mouth because it helps to keep the shape of her mouth from changing from the constant thumb-sucking. I am now working with a therapist to help mitigate the hairpulling and thumb sucking. We are giving her chew necklaces, bought a wig for her to pull instead, have band aids to put on her thumb, etc. We are now going to get swim caps and have her put that on while in her "trigger" zones: in front of TV, in car, at bed. Her hairpulling seems to have gotten worse this is always worse in summer and i don't know if it is because of the heat, the lack of a constant routine like she has during school, more down-time...My husband "polices" the hair pulling when he is home (snaps at her to stop pulling her hair) and I feel like he blames me for not doing enough. I'm just feeling so frustrated because the problem feels out of control. Any guidance? advice? Suggestions?

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