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Adrim , 09 Jun 2019

My 3 months old baby

My baby who is 3 moths. Has tarted pulling his hair and sucking his hands when he wakes up for naps or in the middle of the night. He also does it sometimes when he is playing in his gym.

I don't know what to when he does it. Should I pick him up and giving him some confort eg. Feed him, cuddle him? Or should I let him do it and wait that he goes to sleep? Maybe cover his hands?

He also has stated crying a lot during the day. I know it is normal for babies to cry when they are tired but he gets very distressed. It is not a normal calm crying.

Please help!


1 Answer
July 08, 2019
Sounds like it might be a self comforting thing he is doing. Has he recently moved into a crib, from a cradle in your room ? Have you recently stopped nursing ? If so, this change might have triggered the need for self comfort. Does he have a soft toy in his bed with him ? As long as it is safe with no parts that can come off, as in eyes that baby could suck on or chew off, no choking hazards, then this might be a solution, a source of comfort. Also I think that holding him or nursing/feeding him, cuddling him, all those things you mentioned would be a great source of comfort for your little one. Hope things are going better.

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