Thin hair regrowth

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Thin hair regrowth

Hello, i have had some experience with trichotillomania since 3 years ago but currently stopped.
I noticed that my hair started to regrowth but i also noticed the fact that my hair was so thin...My hair was always thick, straight, longer, and healthy but on the most damaged side of my scalp i developped alopecia...I have never seen my hair so damaged and in this horrible condition...When i saw my oldest photos with my healthy hair i just wanted to cry...What should i do for getting my hair back ? I am currently trying castor oil, but i see nothing becoming better...I fell really bad when i saw the beautiful hair of the girls in my highschool...I hope it will be better and fixed.
The only « positive » thing about this is that my hair is becoming wavy...I am really sorry for my bad english, i am french.
I hope you understood in spite of my bad english.

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