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samara walters , 09 Dec 2023

Looking for Participants in the First Trichophagia Specific Survey!


My name is Samara, and I am working on a research paper over what factors contribute to the development of trichophagia. I have developed the first (to my knowledge) trichophagia scale, called the Trichophagia Emotional Distress & Severity Scale (TEDSS).

This survey is specifically for those who suffer from trichophagia (repeated ingestion of hair)

This short survey aims to create a accurate severity scale for trichophagia, as well as examine the emotional factors that contribute to the continued pulling/eating of hair.

This survey is...

  • entirely online
  • short - 5 minutes
  • completely anonymous 

If you or anyone you know who is suffering from trichophagia is interested in taking this survey, please follow the URL below:

Thank you for your time, this would be impossible without the continued help of the trichotillomania/trichophagia community!       

Warm Regards,


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