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lolomomososo , 31 Aug 2023

Haven't pulled for a half year


I want to share with you that I haven't pulled for a half  year.

I pulled out eyebrows and eyelashes. My tweezers went missing, in the start I would cut the hairs that were long or felt wrong and shaved the ones that came in strange placed. 

I only pluck with tweazers when visiting my parents, and only the ones out of place, or really feeling annoying.

Sometimes I put an almost invisible band aid on the short new hairs that feels strange. So I can't feel them when I touch. Then they can grow and then they don't feel annoying to my fingers.

I also started to use a brow thingy, with color that's formed as a mascara, it helps me. Don't know why.

I hope I don't fall back. I started at age 14, and I am 45, of course had times I did it less and times where I didn't have much hair.

What do you do?


1 Answer
October 25, 2023

Thank you for sharing your journey and your progress with us. 

It's great to hear that you've gone six months without pulling, this is a significant accomplishment. Your bravery in sharing your experience is a source of inspiration to others who may also be trying to manage their hair pulling. 

It sounds like you have developed some effective strategies that help you resist the urge to pull.

It's also completely normal to have moments when you're concerned about the possibility of a relapse. Trichotillomania can be a lifelong challenge, and there may be times when the urges fluctuate in intensity over time. Ensuring that you continue to strengthen your resilience and practice your coping strategies can be invaluable when facing these challenges.

Remain positive, kind and compassionate towards yourself.

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