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lolomomososo , 31 Aug 2023

Haven't pulled for a half year


I want to share with you that I haven't pulled for a half  year.

I pulled out eyebrows and eyelashes. My tweezers went missing, in the start I would cut the hairs that were long or felt wrong and shaved the ones that came in strange placed. 

I only pluck with tweazers when visiting my parents, and only the ones out of place, or really feeling annoying.

Sometimes I put an almost invisible band aid on the short new hairs that feels strange. So I can't feel them when I touch. Then they can grow and then they don't feel annoying to my fingers.

I also started to use a brow thingy, with color that's formed as a mascara, it helps me. Don't know why.

I hope I don't fall back. I started at age 14, and I am 45, of course had times I did it less and times where I didn't have much hair.

What do you do?


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