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romifishman , 04 Feb 2023

Rubbing and touching eyebrows

Hi, not looking for diagnosis of course but would like to get an opinion so I have a direction. When I was 15 I started pulling out my eyebrows without even paying attention I’m doing this. When I finally noticed, after a while I somehow managed to kind of stop pulling, but replaced it with obsessive touching and rubbing instead (which still causes the hair fall out but less than the pulling action). I still don’t pay attention when I’m doing this and when I do I find it hard to stop. I stop for a little bit, I assume for a few minutes, but then find myself doing it again. Do you think the rubbing and touching still considered as trichotillomania? If so, I would like to get some advice on what I should do.  Thanks

1 Answer
February 17, 2023

hi there! i have found that eyebrow pulling and rubbing are a compulsion of mine, and i have talked about that with my therapist. she says that along with my hair pulling that is a compulsion related to trich. i cant diagnose you but i recommend talking to your doctor or therapist about this! if the pulling and rubbing is getting bad, i recommend buying a sensory ring, so whenever you feel the urge you can use the ring instead. that only works sometimes with me, but it does help overall. best of luck, and stay strong! <3

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