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LaurnaBlossom , 12 Oct 2022

Regrowth routine

Hey everyone, 


I wanted to share my current regrowth routine and encourage you to try it if you need to boost your scalp health and increase chance of regrowth!   

I have been struggling with pulling from the top of my scalp - from my bangs all the way back. I have more spare areas than I have in the last 2 years and I’ve been freaking out / stressing about regrowth.   

I can only wear my hair down when it’s in a half pony tail right now, to cover the top of my head.   

anyways! I have been using the following daily and I notice my scalp heals quicker and the itchiness that triggers more pulling is lessened.   

1) Jamaican black castor oil ( it stimulates hair growth and also provides moisture for your scalp! I ordered from Amazon) 

2) washing my hair with ginger shampoo from the Body Shop. I find this is less harsh and soap based than regular shampoo. Ginger also is a natural antibacterial ingredient which helps if you have any little cuts ect on your scalp.   

3) using ginger conditioner from the Body Shop. I use this in the shower and at night time on dry hair, applied right to the scalp. Has an amazing cooling sensation and stops Itchy scalp. Highly recommend 


4) derma roller. I ordered a little derma roller off Amazon and I roll it on my scalp once or twice a week. This stimulates the scalp / skin and produces collagen which also stimulates healthy scalp and hair growth.   

im trying everything I can for fast hair growth but I can’t seem to actually kick pulling! It’s been devastating.   

I hope these tips help! Let me know how they work. I’m going to try and start fresh tomorrow.   


2 Answers
November 28, 2022

Hi LB,

Thnx for the tips, I have just ordered the castor oil. I have been pulling my hair for 34 years (sometimes less and sometimes more) and I really want to try and stop again. I haven't been on any forum lately but have just discovered this one. Reading about it helps me and I have downloaded the slightly robot app, hopefully - when seeing that I pull less - this will give me the persuasion that I am able to stop or at least control it better. I hope your fresh start has worked out and if not, don't give up - the fact that we're trying is a good thing and we know that it won't be an easy thing to do. I know people who have successfully stopped and it took some time for them too. 



February 17, 2023

thank you so much for this! i am currently doing well and having some hair grow in, and i want to treat it right!! this was so encouraging to see, i hope your doing well! <3

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