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LaurnaBlossom , 07 Sep 2022

Rock bottom with hair pulling

I have been pulling the hair on my head again since 2020.   

the longest I’ve gone without pulling has been about 2 weeks in that time.. so the whole top of my head is so sparse I won’t even walk around after a shower cause it looks terrible.   

on top of the bald areas, I’m noticing a lot of scalp itch from either regrowth or follicle damage.. which doesn’t make it easier.   

I’ve been applying Jamaican black castor oil to my scalp as a deterrent and hoping it helps with regrowth.   

I just feel sick to my stomach that I’ve gotten myself to this point again with my hair. I hate that a hair takes months to grow and in a second I can pull 5.. 

I need help. I need support. I just need someone who can relate and to chat about it.   

anyone found a secret that works?



3 Answers
September 22, 2022

@LaurnaBlossom, I can relate.  I don’t know any secrets but I have  lfound some things that help.

 1.  Adequate sleep (which i’m currently lacking),

2. Exercise, and biggest of all;

3.  Diet.  Yes, sad to say.  After experiencing some success after reading what John Kender wrote about food and trich,  (it also seems similar to leaky gut syndrome),  I went to my doctor who gave me a food sensitivity test. Turns out it matched what John Kender said and more.   The hardest  thing for me to kick is sugar and it goes down hill from there. 😞 

4. i also find i have a negative or allergic  response to certain chemicals in hair products and certain medications, so i try to avoid them by looking up ingredients and reading labels, inserts,  etc.  

I recently read a discussion on probiotics and trich;  (you know, the “brain-gut connection, etc..  )  I’ve been shy aboutl increasing my normal probiotic dosage but that’s what it would take if I were to try it. I’m not used to believing g in miracles but I’m considering trying it.  If you’re interested in learning more about either a. Diet and b. Probiotics related to trich, I’m sure it you can do your own research.  l

i actually came here looking for support related to food and probiotics, to see if anyone else is using those. 

Good luck


October 12, 2022

Thanks so much for the info! I’m going to look into this!! <3

October 21, 2022

You’re welcome.  

For the record, it was subsequent writings by John Kender that led me to looking at certain chemicals in hair products.  He introduced the John Kender diet for Trich  and with further research he and another researcher wrote a white paper about people with Trich possibly having a possible allergic reaction to a common, natural skin yeast found on the scalp; and that certain foods and ingredients can cause it to grow and that the hair pulling was an attempt to relieve the irritation from the reaction. 

 For example i now avoid hair products that contain ethylhexylglycerine…I’ve had enough experimentation to know its bad for me.  But then I did a google search online about the chemical only to read it has been know to cause “allergic reactions”. 

Probably the hardest thing for me is the diet.  But I have found the relief without those foods to be undeniable.  I do take probiotics but only a minimal amount.  Best of luck.


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