What Desperate Measures have you Taken?


A recent MailOnline article described the story of Eden Cahill, a 15-year-old teenager with trichotillomania, who shaved her whole head to beat the urge to pull. Eden suffered through most of her childhood with trichotillomania causing her to have large bald patches that she tried to hide by wearing thick headbands and hats at all times. Eden also used to hide in the school bathrooms for fear of ridicule. However as a teenager Eden decided to tackle her trichotillomania head on. Inspired by Sam Faiers, a star from the popular British reality show 'The Only Way is Essex', who revealed in 2012 that she was afflicted by this condition too;

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Eden decided to shave her head and start a YouTube channel sharing her story. Eden's family has supported her decision to go public with and have even gone on to say that they are proud and inspired by Eden. Since launching her YouTube channel and Facebook page Eden has had a steady following and support from teenagers just like. Trichotillomania is a common, yet little known condition and is often misdiagnosed. It is important that awareness of the condition grows so that more people can receive the treatment they need. What drastic measures have you taken to overcome this condition?

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