Online Counseling for People Who Suffer From Trichotillomania

trich counseling
We offer online counseling services for people who suffer from compulsive hair pulling.

What is Online Counseling?

Just as the name implies, online counseling is counseling that takes place online. Namely, you meet your therapist via live video, instead of making a physical visit to the therapist's office.

Numerous studies have been made on the topic of measuring the efficiency of online counseling vs. traditional "walk-in" or "face-to-face" counseling. And the results are very encouraging. In fact, the efficiency of providing counseling services via the internet is at least as good as in traditional counseling. In some cases, online counseling proves to even have better results, since it overcomes barriers such as time constraints, physical distances and often emotional factors such as shame and fear of exposure.

All our Therapists are Experts on Treating Trichotillomania and Related Conditions

It's a known fact that "just stopping" hair pulling on your own doesn't work. And the best way to treat trich is by reaching out for help. If you're looking for professional help to help you stop pulling, it's not enough that you contact a mental health professional. You have to make sure that the person you contact is experienced in treating specifically Trichotillomania.

All our therapists are experts on treating hair pulling. Many of our past clients are currently free from the burden of trich.

How does it work?

  • You meet your therapist online, once a week, for an hour-long session.
  • Communication with therapist is via live video. E-mail and txt chat are also possible means of communication.
  • The cost is what you'd expect to pay a psychologist in the USA. It depends on the specific therapist, and on the number of sessions you commit to in advance. Please contact us for pricing info.
  • Your privacy is top priority. We make sure the highest security standards are employed to guard your communication with the therapist. Of course you're guarded by confidentiality agreement, and absolutely nothing you share with your therapist will be shared with anyone else.

Schedule an Introduction Call Now

If you're interested in our online counseling service, the first step is an introduction call with one of our therapists. On this call, the therapist will explain more in depth about the treatment process, and will answer any remaining questions you have about the service. At the end of the call, if you wish so, you will schedule your first treatment session.

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