TrichStop App –
a free tool to monitor your hair pulling behaviors

The first step to beating Trichotillomania is gaining awareness of your pulling patterns


by using this App you will become more aware of your pulling behaviors.


understand your pulling patterns – do you pull at certain times of day? Under specific circumstances? What triggers your pulling? Answering these questions is important for choosing the right coping methods.


already seeing a psychologist about your pulling? Enhance the therapeutic process by using this App, and share the data with your therapist. Or use it in conjunction with our online therapy program.

The App allows you to document your pulling urges and episodes. Each time you experience an urge/episode, grab your phone and add an entry. You can also add entries retroactively (for example, you can use the App once a day before you go to bed, documenting your behavior for the past day).

After using the App for a while, you will have gathered enough data to start seeing patterns in your behavior: whether you pull at specific times of day, due to certain circumstances, etc.

Conveniently organized data visualized with graphs and charts makes detecting pulling patterns easy.

While in therapy, data from the App enhances the therapeutic process. Chances are your therapist asked you to keep a pulling log anyway and this App makes it easy and intuitive. Plus, you can share the data with your therapist with the send report feature.

It’s totally private. Your data is kept on your phone and is not shared with anyone. You can add additional security by adding a password, so that only you can open the App on your phone.

Customize daily or weekly reminders. For example, if you cannot monitor your pulling during the day, set a daily reminder to use the App at a certain time in the evening.

What an amazing app! This is exactly what I needed- just started seeking therapy and think that this tool will help me better understand my behavior patterns. This has already helped me so much, so thankful to have this available. Trichstop app user review

What this App is NOT

This App is not therapy in and of itself. Although there are many therapeutic benefits, it cannot and does not replace treatment with a qualified professional. If you are looking for treatment, please consider our online therapy program. This monitoring App was designed specifically for our online therapy program clients. Expect the best results by using it in conjunction with the program.

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The first step to beating Trichotillomania is gaining awareness of your pulling patterns.