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As a young woman, Lucinda Ellery suffered a condition called Alopecia Areata (AA), a condition that resulted in hair loss and was the source of physical and emotional turmoil. In a bid to prevent others from experiencing this same torment, Lucinda set about to find more permanent hair loss solutions. She wanted to find a solution that would offer women something that looked natural, could be looked after like your own hair and could be worn 24 hours a day. At first Lucinda worked with extensions, which also offered women the option of adding more volume to their hair. But it is only after meeting her first client with Trichotillomania that Lucinda created and developed the revolutionary Intralace System™ which is now used by ladies managing various hair loss conditions, including those with trichotillomania. On the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy website there is a page dedicated to the condition of trichotillomania. 

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Solutions for Trich

Lucinda Ellery Consultancy has 25 years of experience working with trichotillomania. With studios in the UK and now also branching into the US, Lucinda's team treats each client on an individual basis, helping you select an option that suits your unique needs. Many of their treatment methods make use of the Intralace System™ which has the advantages of creating a barrier to hair-pulling and also in disguising bare patches. Lucinda does not promise a miracle cure, instead her genuine care and commitment to those suffering with this debilitating condition is evident in that she promotes and encourages that her trich clients seek concurrent Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


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The Intralace System™ is NOT a cure however, and may not prevent further hair-pulling in severe cases where more than 60-70% of the hair has gone. Regardless, even in the most chronic hair loss situations, the system can still dramatically improve quality of life and enable you to have the appearance of a full head of hair that can be washed and styled.

On the website iteself you will find numerous videos, interviews and documentaries specifically about trichotillomania. Of particular interest is a series of video interviews with four trichotillomania sufferers who share their experiences with Lucinda. It is evident in her interactions with these women and her advocacy of self-care and overall well being, that Lucinda has a sincere care and concern for those suffering with trich. You can view the videos and find contact details for Lucinda Ellery on her website.


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