2002 Hogback Road Suite 15 Ann Arbor, MI 48105



Laurie Krauth

Credentials and degrees : 
Master's Level Clinical Psychologist (LLP), Limited Licensed Psychologist. In Michigan, the LLP permits practice under the supervision of a licensed psychologist (Joanna Friedman, Ph.D). Laurie is on the Scientific Advisory Board of the OCD Foundation of Michigan, and has written articles on OCD that are available on her website.
Since 1994, Laurie has specialized in treating anxiety disorders, including hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting. Laurie works in and out of the office with clients. Her goal is to help you develop strategies you can use to control your behaviors so you don't need her! Laurie works with adults, and also treats individuals and couples with depression, intimacy, LGBT and women's issues. (She does not treat children or teens.) Several insurances accepted.
Treatment methods: 
She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, Habit Reversal Training, Stimulus Control, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).